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A teacher at a school in a Stockholm suburb discovers that some students have beaten up a boy at a party. He grew up in the same area and doesn’t want to snitch on his students. Instead he decides to try and solve the situation on his own. This reveals itself to be easier said than done. There will be […]

Far and Near – Short Film Package

We begin in the mountains of northwestern Iran where the school day is about to begin, and travel to a winter forest in the Czech Republic. Through a Swedish summer day and an ordinary room, which is shared by two siblings, we travel back to the Middle East and see an animated film from Jordan. Films included: Class Surprise Badväder […]


11-year-old Melvin lives in an Indian port town. Melvin is scared to death of water. When he’s invited to a pool party at the home of Debbie, the new girl in the class, his fear of water is put to the test. Will Melvin dare to dive head first into the dangerous and terrifying water? And what will Debbie say?


Ellen is going to perform with her dance group at the school’s upcoming spring party. Her mum is going to introduce the group but the two of them have differing opinions about the former’s stage appeal. The pair end up in an emotional dispute about body ideals and what is ugly or beautiful.


”Would you still be with me if I were a guy?” A trivial conversation escalates quickly into a serious discussion about values. In her film, Jo Widerberg investigates the art of being in a relationship. The film was awarded BUFF’s prize at this 2016’s Novemberfestivalen here in Sweden.


Teenage Antti doesn’t understand love. During sex education the teacher just talks about condoms and sex but what exactly is love? How long does love last? Can he be in love? He thinks he’s in love with a girl in the class but how is he supposed to show it? It turns out that things are sometimes easier than you […]


Halloween isn’t a favourite celebration for George, a boy who is very easily scared. When he meets the mysterious Susie he’s taken on an adventure he never expected to experience. Dare he tag along with Susie to the old haunted house. And just who is Susie really?


12-year-old Mathias is stuck on his own on a sailing boat with his parents. Bored and confused, he thirsts after adventure. Excitement mounts when he catches sight of a pretty girl in the harbor.


In this animated short we meet a group of strange frog-like creatures which live in a murky swamp. They spend much of their time dancing and playing wild music. Death, however, is ever-present in the form of a large angry crocodile.